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Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd. Introduces New Land and Offshore Rig Products

Houston, Texas (November 7, 2012) – Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd. and the Oiltech Group (OTG) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership where Canrig has acquired exclusive rights to a portfolio of land and offshore rig products and technologies. In addition, the companies have agreed to cooperate on the development of new products. All of these products will be manufactured and sold under the Canrig brand. Under the terms of the agreement the owners and employees of OTG will join Canrig’s team and play a leading role in integrating these products into the Canrig portfolio.

The combination of these products and technologies significantly enhance Canrig’s capability to meet the needs of drilling contractors and operators, particularly in the offshore drilling market, providing safer more efficient drilling equipment.

Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd. Introduces New Casing Running Tool

Magnolia, Texas (April 26, 2010) – Today Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd. launches an automated casing running tool that decreases drilling costs while helping to overcome complex well conditions, all while leaving casing in better condition than traditional die slips. The SureGrip™ CRT was strategically designed to address many of operators’ major concerns, including drilling efficiency, operational safety, pipe condition and equipment integration.

“Our new SureGrip technology does the work of an entire casing crew with the touch of a button from the driller or certified Canrig technician,” said Chris Papouras, President of Canrig. “It allows rig personnel to focus on landing casing down-hole instead of the handling process of getting casing ready to trip in. SureGrip reduces the manual handling, equipment and personnel needed to run casing, resulting in enhanced operating efficiency and drill floor safety.”

SureGrip™ automates the process of picking up single joints of casing and stabbing them into the string, which reduces manual handling requirements – the number one cause of rig safety incidents. It utilizes the top drive to apply torque and simultaneously rotate, reciprocate and circulate, crucial for overcoming troublesome hole conditions and yielding better cement jobs, preventing the need for costly remedial actions. SureGrip extends the top drive’s capabilities downhole.

“When running casing, operators need to reduce costs by improving the efficiency and safety of landing casing,” said Papouras. ”Canrig’s SureGrip CRT delivers a process that is more cost effective, seamlessly integrates with your existing equipment and is less damaging to your casing. Running casing has never been more efficient or safer.”

For more details on Canrig's SureGrip CRT, please click here.

Canrig and Epoch Well Services Merge

Houston, Texas (Nov. 17, 2008) — Canrig and Epoch Well Services have merged to create a drilling technology company offering an extensive and diverse product line to the global energy industry. The company is known as Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd. and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The merger is effective December 31, 2008.

Originally founded in Calgary more than 20 years ago, Canrig is a world-class manufacturer of drilling equipment, including top drives, automated catwalks, floor wrenches, control systems and a line of intelligent accessories. Epoch is one of the fastest growing suppliers of drilling data, analysis and reporting systems and software in the world.

“Incorporating Canrig’s oilfield equipment sales, services, rental and support systems with Epoch’s array of sophisticated products will take the merged company into a new era of technology, safety and growth,” said President Chris Papouras. “We are now offering our customers a broader array of products and services at a competitive cost. It’s an exciting change during a time when incorporating new technology into traditional products is more important than ever.”

The merger provides various enhancements for Canrig Drilling Technology. This includes the expansion of the product line, adding new equipment that complements current products to deliver improved drilling efficiency and safety. It also includes an improved level of field service and support.

“We remain committed to quality and reliability as we embrace increasingly diverse product lines,” said Papouras. “This partnership combines the best of both companies and promises to deliver greater value to our customers.”